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Canada is a thriving economy with high growth in almost every sector including tourism, tech, r&d but the telecoms infrastructure is having problems keeping up the pace.

To close the gap, the AIR System is an ideal solution as it supports ultrahigh speed broadband and all additional services that are available on wired networks at a fraction of the cost.

While the broadband penetration in the major cities is at a high rate, the suburban and urban population of Canada is vastly underserved. And not only residential households but schools, libraries and other public institutions are lacking real connectivity and as such cannot be utilized to their full potential.

Due to CAPEX investment and time to market being the key issues when deploying wired networks the AIR System is the best solution available on the market to deploy state of the art networks in a fast and cost effective way while still maintaining high level quality of service.

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  • Ultra fast broadband with support for triple play service (4k UHD, HD TV, SD TV, VoIP, internet)
  • Enables additional services like VoD, Pay per View
  • Can cover up to 7500 square kilometers from a single base station
  • Suitable for urban, suburban and rural areas
  • Supports up to 41 Gbps download capacity per base station
  • Supports up to 2 Gbps data transfer per user
  • Offers flexible use of frequency from 2 to 42 GHz
  • There is no limit to how many users can be connected to a single base station. The only limit is the throughput
  • Unlimited number of TV users (DVBx)

airbox technology

AIR® is a patented wireless technology for ultra-high speed broadband data transfer over great distances with the throughput and performance equaling that of the HFC (hybrid fiber coaxial) network.

AIR® is the first wireless system that provides the same capabilities and speeds as new coaxial cable networks or enables delivery of triple play services with aggregation of multiple LTE carriers.

The AIR® base station and transceiver are specific solutions, but the CPE in customer homes is standard and can be managed like business-as-usual.

The base station is an essential part of the AIR® Last Mile wireless point-to-multipoint system. It uses microwave-based transmission and supports frequency bands between 2 and 42Ghz.

The throughput capacities are up to 41 Gbps per BS (DOCSIS) and 18 Gbps per BS (LTE). The base station is connected to the operator’s core network and broadcasts the signal to homes using AIR®.

The transceiver is the counter part of the base station and is located at the customer premises. It is essentially a bi-directional parabolic microwave antenna (satellite dish) and an outdoor unit.

One unit is required per home, or a common unit can also service an apartment block with multiple homes. This unit down converts the AIR® signal and feeds it into worldwide used Docsis/LTE standard equipment inside the homes.

use cases

Mobile Operators


– Offloading the original mobile spectrum for fixed access clients

– Providing gigabit speeds

– Providing primary connection for B2B users

– Quadruple play service utilizing only own infrastructure and standard 4G CPEs



– Backhaul of existing or newly established 4G or 5G sites

– Replacing several P2P links with a single PtMP BS

Fixed Operators


– Expanding existing cable networks seamlessly due to utilization of standard DOCSIS equipment

– Providing gigabit speeds to the end customer

– Reducing cost and still delivering the same type of services as on the original network

– Expanding into rural areas which are mostly underserved or have no service at all at a cost that cannot be compared to any wirelined deployment

– Disaster recovery



– Replacing legacy DSL networks in a cost efficient way

– Providing gigabit speeds to the end user which is not possible on DSL networks

– Providing triple play using a single technology, delivery way and utilizing only own infrastructure

– Expanding into rural areas which are mostly underserved or have no service at all at a cost that cannot be compared to any wirelined deployment

– Disaster recovery



– Enabling data service delivery for broadcasters

– Utilizing existing passive infrastructure

– Expanding areas for content delivery

– Enabling OTT services on their own network

– Disaster recovery for content delivery to partners

ABOUT airbox

The world is moving towards gigabit broadband with an immersive media consumption environment – requiring 5G based broadband & content delivery.

Having access to infrastructure that can deliver such high speeds with integrated media delivery is crucial!

AIR® system can deliver triple play services and speeds comparable to or
even higher than newest wireline technologies for a fraction of the cost!

The AIR® system comes with a software management system for better controlling and operation the AIR devices. It allows the operator to do
remote supervision and configuration, administration and control of all
network elements.